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Old Account From not showing up here with downloads

Anyone can help me solve this issue? Bought a model several months ago on the old website but can't access them on this new site. From America so don't know if there is an issue with the site or something? Would love to be able to re-download them from the site if ever needed and to get updated versions (if they are available) but my new account with the same email does not associate with the old account, so, therefore I cannot download anything, but I have the purchase reference number, etc for support.


Unfortunately, for technical reasons, the purchases from the old shop system cannot be reactivated in the new shop.

Should the download link which was provided on the receipt/invoice no longer work.
However, we can of course create a new download.
This is not a problem.

To do this, please send us the invoice number/order number by e-mail so that we can send you a new link by e-mail.

Thank you very much

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Alright, thanks! 👌👍